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in the street in a state of stupor, with the subsequent development

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spaces with marked proliferative and atrophic changes occur (Case 2;

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ure to develop the powers of observation. Many apparently dull

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Exploration by the surgeon's finger. — Of all instruments for

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were ordered, and repeated sundry times, but without ef-

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agation of the disease germs in a degree of malignity unprece-

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obtain a sufficient quantity of blood from the arm, we are

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she suffered from no trouble in the larynx except when she sang.

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arm, with more or less difficulty in moving it ; pains are also

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a boy, when twenty-three. This child died of convulsions on the eighth day.

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nephrin. Freund and Marchand^* found that piqure in adrenalecto-

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In Mauritius in 1866, and in Eeunion in 1869, all the types and

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The Lakewood, Toms River and Point Pleasant hospitals

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the society. In the side-gallery were twenty-five mu-

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weeks, beginning July 1 and August 1. M., W., F., 4:00-6:00. Other days or

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sitting in a chair. The first time he was in the calorimeter, March 13, he

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the patient uneasiness ; the tumour, where connected to the head,

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Hernial tumours are also among the occasional results of these

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valent cation as a test solution; e.g., m/256 LiCL In this case we get

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many symptoms ; for when they arrive to ripe age, which is

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the uterus ? One would usa Hodge's pessary (the horse-shoe pessary)

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erally been worn for four days to a week the first time; then for a

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message was brought, saying that Mn. Smith wished to see me,

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foreign correspondent, and work so far done by the Bureau indi-

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plied for relief, and proved fatal. The operation was performed for the relief

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officers on general employ. Even in the autumn manoeuvres in England

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necessarily muscular, to compensate for a relatively

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mania a potu; and under that of venereal affectioiius, 28 gonorrhoea and

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spasm of the cardiac orifice. In either case from ten to fifteen

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being passed through a strong carbolic solution and then