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when the lancet was frequently used. In many, perhaps, most of

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" But I will merely present, in relief, from Liebig's revolu-

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Vegetables next claim our attention. Of all these, for wide

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17. "Inhibition, Physiological and Pathological." J. F. Peavy, Atmore,

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elimination of iron in the economy. {Archiv. fur experimentelle

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mostly natives, suffer attacks of fever more or less violent almost every

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stools, which vary from a deep brown to a black color.

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expended than received into the system by respiration, not-

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fluttering of the prsecordia Pulsations in cpigastrio are,

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brane, is the best means of treatment, exciting neither notable pain

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it may be in his power to obtain it, he cannot be considered many

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ity, when defiled by a co-partnership with the civil power, and the

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of the pleuritic adhesion seen in tuberculous disease, i. e., that it is

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recievesthat patronage which the labor upon its pages so richly merits its

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sided by the 26th of August. It manifested, however, a disposi-

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-obliterated. Tumor is now not so large as a man's single fist.

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^^ Other drugs may also be combined with this vegetable digest-

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steam — may well pause and look to our laurels in the regions-

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'^The introduction of hydrozone as a remedy in this condi-

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such a density as enables it to form a firm protection to its con-

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Mood development is in process, it cannot perfect that rich,

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In this department of the work, the reader will find an intelligent

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fibers of the external sphincter muscle are visible at the base of

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are practising physicians — not mere curiosity seekers in the domain of insect

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was directed, taken in small quantity and after long intervals.

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motory apparatus. The attempt, then, was to render them

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bone has taken place, the whole of the cellular area

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recalled the attention of the profession to the utility of cephalic

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human mind is capable of becoming, cannot but feel a lively interest in

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manner of a caustic, so that granulations were evolved, whose succes-

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came away. I then introduced a female silver catheter, when about

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striking manner, the natural tendency of great truths to blend

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add a third element to be overcome, namely, the spasmodic one,

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wonld have been hardly worth while to notice so slight a peculiarity, were

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plans of operation. I have presented the subject in this light more for

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to nourish the living system, are naturally electrified unlike ;

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erto seem best to fulfill these two requisites. They may be given in doses

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render a diferential diagnosis necessary, to say nothing of an

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