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An hyperemia so jjroduced naturally is most marked or longest
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haps coagulation of a part of the sizy mass in some large blood
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ria, the safest period of the Year for travelling, and Hints for the Preservation of
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lumbago, and the like should be far more common in persons suffering from
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De Massaby, E., et Boulin, R. Deux cas d'encephalite lethargique a
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It .seem.s to fne conclusive from tliis finding that rapid, continued
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the toes of both feet, the right ankle and the right knee were involved;
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assumed that the striatum and the pallidum are different in function. There
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reported cases they were absent; but Collier, Lewandowsky and Neuhof
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It seems most probable that in this case the urobilin in the urine
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therefore, be stated, in general, that the changes in cardiac rate
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morphological changes, but the general picture has much improved.
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Islands. It is remarkable that in damp places, as near large
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ing dextrose led to no excretion of sugar, but feeding with a pancreatic
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yield to a temptation which one clearly sees. It is a poor thing
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theory, attractive as it is and supported as it is by the apparent
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of dilutions required to obliterate the band was ten times as great
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of apoplexy as a cause of death or of hemiplegic attacks during
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frequent in the East, especially in the Balkans, as was recently illustrated
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Dr. R. C. Cabot: Has the reaction been tried with blood serum?
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hospital interne states that the lungs were clear in front and behind. Spinal
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verous aspect, and cold extremities. From this state she partial-
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is chronicallj^ cyanosed almost edematous, but tips only slightlj'- on pres-
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apparently commencing in the site of the original tuberculous mucosal lesion.
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The conclusion is that the radiosensibility of sarcomata between the lympho-
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tion of alterations, almost characteristic of the so-called tertiary syphilis.
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symptoms, and by physical and laboratory examination, especially by tests
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individualized regulation of life and diet, persistent elimination,
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94,()00. From December 23 until December 5 he received .r-ray
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Case 68,883. — Male, aged thirty years. Appendectomy had