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determination of active cell metabolism and cell growth. It becomes, there-
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of the vascular disease ; (2) those due to toxemia, and (3)
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Finance Committee's report. Is there any discussion? All in favor say
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part in the conversation during the remainder of the interview. No comment
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the best security against a relapse. In plethoric or in.
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patients at home. But remember that hospice figures are
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five, making a mortality of 50 per cent, in the first ten cases. Tn a Paper read
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Death is due to spasm of the bronchioles. Full doses of atropine prevent
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forsake his gustful yet disgusting diet and daily to take
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anticipate satisfactory results, and I think we must be
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aims with their capacities. In the State of New York,
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tively the mortality from tuberculosis, pathcilogic proofs of
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line, and frequently to an abnormal height, in consequence of a rotation
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is called the soft palate. Arching from either side of the back
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mt toxic agents; moreover, they are produced by putrefactive
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pelvic canal, and also occasionally in cases of irreducible retroversion of the
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a good deal of retention of urine, which he has drawn with a
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twenty -four were found to follow with certainty a few hours after the
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of great excellence, and a teacher of distinguished ability. At the
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A glass of gin in one place contains 50 per cent, of proof
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if there were any objection to this clause, he was quite willing that the
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to topographic maps including offshore hydrography. Facilities
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in many cases by such a preliminary exploration. I hold that unilateral
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ment for a small fee^ with the understanding that he should make no
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skin. The sensibility of the patch is preserved. If the surface is re-
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tribute to the manufacturing pharmacists, though considering
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or any single group of symptoms. Pain, as evidenced by pressure
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soaked with cold water, or vinegar and water, to the
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the hospital, at once supphes the kitchen, laundry, and
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large opening into the bowel f> was closed, and the
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To confine the fingers, thick leather mittens without thumbs,
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trigeminus that hyperaemias of this kind may Ije observed.
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strip of non articular bone. Just in front of the inferior
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of pus or mucus of a pinkish colour, and the variety of
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Chas. L. King; secretary and treasurer, Dr. J. K. Janes. Board of
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Hackney. On Friday or Saturday last the disease appeared
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ledge of strange urinary anomalies. The first clinical
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quantities of water administered by mouth, the chloride elimination,
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There is reason for great watchfulness pn the part of
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German diagnosticians under the pressure of war con-
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such cattle?" I believe that Robert Koch's views, expressed before
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marasmus. The features of the autopsy were the fol-
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ised to conclude that their detection is not always so easy as is supposed
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an epidemic which raged that year in Paris, a free lactescent fluid in the
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offered a bill to regulate the practice of medicine in the Dis-
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