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finds that the tubes undergo very appreciable changes during pregnancy and
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in its relation to physiological action and therapy is no different
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first described case. The child had already developed several
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Depending in the first instance upon the decomposition of organic
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osteitis of childhood, suppurative periostitis, juxta-epiphysial osteitis,
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have also been observed jn the appendix in a not inconsiderable
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hardly an organ of the body more accessible than the larynx to electric cur-
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"Shortly afterwards she went to England and has been there for the
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If we can prevent this triangle from filling up with fibrous
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Investigation of her past personal history elicited nothing significant.
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the equivalent of 5 or 6 cigars a day, borders on immoderation
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matter. And not only this but he must think so strongly along
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When this mode of treatment fails, and the stricture is low
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Case 4 is one recorded by Russell.^ — A lady, aged seventy-seven, who
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have developed their co-operative movement to a point at
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rapid spread of the disease ; also rapid breaking down of tuberculous
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the disease. The symptoms alone, it may be said, have up to the present
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appreciate how underpaid such service is and we know only too
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the same in manifestation and grouping, dependent upon causation.
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is to convey the vibrations of the membrana tympani, the auditory ossicles,
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resembling "pus cultivation" of the microbe, then the experiment resembles
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Metritic uterus, no tumor. Curetted. No Malignancy. Fifty mgs.
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no congenital defects. The anal orifice was patent; the rectum re-
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latter must be overcome by the imminent knowledge and fear of im-
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all the ligatures, are brought out through the wound to favor drainage. This
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operations, with 4 deaths. This would make it appear that the Porro
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be seen that if the spur stands flush with the skin surface, no
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the opposite side of the abdomen, near the splenic flexure, and
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system, but at the same time it increases its depressing effects on the circula-