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but not changing the parts themselves. Thus if the animal is to fly, an en-
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cerebral affections, or, still better to indicate its nature, analogous
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tion has a very wide influence. It improves the function
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Frequent; Big Horn Mountains, August, 1892; Orin Junctio
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siders Natural Parturition and the phenomena and management of
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advantage claimed for the operation of crushing is the avoid-
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than 4 ft., and after this the water would sink again. The soil con-
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attending the stalls at a A'egctable market, or proambulating the
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forded by his science cannot as yet be entitled to much consideration;
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that any ray of light, however feeble, is as refreshing as a shower
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books of Basil Valentine's, printed during the first
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Such a case is only disturbed by unnecessary medicines.
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was undoubtedly suffering from a pyaemic condition on admission,
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glaucoma — has, according to Henderson, no existence;
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penal code, and is liable for damages to the party injured.
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Mix the magnesium carbonate with enough distilled water
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between 0.5 per cent, and 0.7 per cent., is to be pre-
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tion of the rectum by the plan prescribed does not sufficiently
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must soon be transformed into vast plague-spots, whence one
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too, I have been subject to attacks of bilious fever and
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Stark. Richard M. Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
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