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drachm ; of essence of peppermint, and sugar, each one
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containing in the one vS'. mitis and in the other .S. fecalis, were negative
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may occur in from five to ten days from the commencement of the
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ately over the leg, which rested on a soft pillow, and
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eases, we subjoin the following graduated table from Dr. Dorsey's
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paths as he can pursue, and must resign himself to be a
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Ivt d, That the foregoing resolutions be inscribed upon
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the solidified plombe varies between complete closure of the wound
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to call special attention. In other cases the fever curve presents
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xxxviii. page 435) and Preyer (Die Blausdure physiolog. Untersuch.,
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slightly if at all changed, their capsules remain as thin as in the normal
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has several points in its favor, as compared with aspiration, and
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every other reformer, must sooner or later enter into this sphere can
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bacillus emulsion and serum in the ratio of 4 to 1, is injected. The doses
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For treatment, stimulants were used in 536 cases and symptomatic
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in the mountains. Rachel was buried on the highway leading
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lel observations were made on the splenectomized animal and a control
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Case of Polio-encephalomyelitis. By Madde Richards, M.B. (Introduced by
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Jenckes, A. G. Browning, H. Canfield, L. Morton, G.
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for the science of medicine the grateful acknowledgments of the civil-
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Wdham Hollinsheati, Esqs., Commissioners. Saint Paul: Pioneer Printing Company 1859 " Pp 277 279
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intestinal canal of certain water birds, never had eggs in the