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several years. The success which attended this effort

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the country where the gout prevails most extensirely.

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merely venous blood, the result is the same death. When no blood

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bacilli, which, carried up into the cavity of the uterus, might

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one produced in the aorta, and the other in the carotid."

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Portland and Fall River one each. From typhoid fever, New

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chair. Finally the daughter's health broke down ; the

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A portion of the lung, heart vvall, spleen, liver, kidney and

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where old inflammatory remnants have caused the uterus and

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About two months after the removal of the jacket she

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*Dr. Nelson is Assistant Dean for Instructional Development and

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sea-voyage to the Cape, looking and feeling perfectly well.

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the arm reaches the horizontal — a sudden snap indicates that the

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necrotic material within the living body. One can readily convince himself

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assign to this falsely called erectile tissue of the

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the uterus when the patient is in a perfect state of collapse, and

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died from hemorrhage of the gums. The patient (II, 3) has a daughter who

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The conclusions to which this evidence points are obviously these —

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Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States.

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India, for no longer period than one year, capable of extension to

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to express. There is no way in which we could have fully

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Myrrh, stimulant, tonic : Horse 2-4 drs ; ox 4-6 drs ; ass 2 drs ; sheep

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a diarrhea. She brought with her for examination a fowl that was

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the anterior end of the inferior turbinate, but rarely

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for many years with " bleeding piles," and who was at the

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