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It used to be given with the object of reducing enlarged
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current expenses, be devoted to the purchase of valuable medical
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its usual course, producing sloughing ulcers in the mucous membrane of
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some of the points here mentioned. I may here relate
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In my own work vaccines were never Treatment. — March 3-t, 1913. Anterior
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makes this statement : " In tin's country the operation attracted but little at-
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the causes and means of prevention of contagious and
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puff-ball smoke, allyle, cyanide of ethyle chloride of amyl, a
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clearly identifiable in terms of its classical description, then
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with diphtheria and died June 17, 1904. The health officer believes
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one of the most bitter enemies homoeopathy has ever encoun-
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amended in 1907, phthisis is compulsorily notifiable
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for not only did the brethren serve their Church, but one of the earliest
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doing this. The entrance was to the left and behind the left
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societies, of courts, and of medical men, there seems
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pearance or development of this couj^estion takes place in the same
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novocaine. After you get through the skin and get behind the
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a deep interest in nursing, and in the Royal British Nurses Association, of
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sixth case he gave, a clergyman was told that he had val-
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blister to the back of the neck. She was partially un-
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ture and the dropping of the pedicle by Bozeman, who dis-
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her "hopeful son." This boy weighed) Physician's Visiting List, Diary, and
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physical problems. The principal diseases are due to
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bers of Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus pyo-
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respects, it does not separate into layers on standing. This form of
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ville, 1893-4, iii, 401-403.— M.leiiiw<eclil<>iML.) Vniknuti
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selves for solution, and without practical training in their
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upon it as merely honorary, and on the distinct understanding that I
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get. Sarcome fascicul6 de la choroide; accidents glau-
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ammonium derivative of atropine, ipratroprium bromide,
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than in the mesenteric glands. This does not throw any doubt upon milk as