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and one of them may have been said to be cured, although the affection had

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" A few seconds," says Professor B., " after the blow with

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fact — Dr. Priestley left Lord Shelburne. Nothing else could be

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palpitation ; the vermicular motion of the stomach or the

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tallowy-looking, the toes already having a bluish appear-

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!ind to muzzle dogs in the event of an opportunity being

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Everything being in readiness, the operator inserts his left index-

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that he had propagated diphtheria from the clippings of

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He was placed in the recumbent posture, his head being very little raised by

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atous eczema, but it is characterized by constitutional symptoms

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op e rat e s independently of our council and the associ -

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that Bright did not recognise the relationship between the

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of myositis and of the trophic myopathies. Only the es-

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eyes are painful again. Intense photophobia. Has been troubled

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membrane and cuticle, as on the eyelids, the lips, the labia pudendi,

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qualities necessary for their art, and with the temperament neces-

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laxation would tend to punish the wilful destruction of living infants partial!

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ondar}' infection exists in practically all fistulous

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health today. From some depressing influence or environment he may fill

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allowed to attend any single theatre the same evening.

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allowed to slumber ; but was further brought by Dr.

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soon fill the air with a fine light dust which enters the

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strength after an attack of influenza, although that attack had not

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It thus appeared that the destructive agent in the blood-

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posterior wall of the stomach, the ulcer excised by cut-

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from thu umhilicnH. IIu wailvcd with liiH hand uii the ihi^h.and

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lodged in the fossse of the scapula, covering its whole external

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received two injections of vaccine. The total number of nonim-

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of extension of the infection present themselves. In these cases the local

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deposited in the uruiaiy canals also as soft, cylindrical, often plaited

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sively .dvanced, from itching and smarting to severe rheumatic pain,

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boih liliud and deaf. Alter a time, the power ol' the arms was

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when associated with great mobility of the nervous system, and with

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Brux., 1899, 4. s., xiii, 2!»7-M8.— Breniiier ( \V'. W.) Hot

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typhoid fever without any lesion of the intestine, which

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generally adopted, it would be worse than useless to employ cold, since the

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I The breathing was labored and stridulous. the face

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astringent articles. For this, the following is very good ■

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chlorate of potash (Chisolm, Carreau), and the iodine salts. The results

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the usual incision at the outer border of the rectus,

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the Circulation and Respiration by Irritation of a Sensory

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reducing, to a minimum yet more remarkable, the evil against which we