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may be partly accounted for by the fact that it is the outcome
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of a horse more or less to its detriment. The applica-
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deadly sting and deprive him only of his warning rattle."
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gravity is very little greater than that of bile ; when dry, they float
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Minnesota, course for specialists in ophthalmology were
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to be the forms of new growth which are most frequently produced by
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should not be mixed with dry vegetable powders, Tannic Acid,
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objects for investigation, as their coronary arteries
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sisting in a combination of measures— (1.) To reduce excessive heat ; (2.) To
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(1905 a). — Spirochete pallida de Schaudinn e Hoffmann. Diss. 129 pp. 8°.
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so much relief to the patient as in this, or so certainly mitigate
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infected district, and remained cut off from all communication with the
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H*NiY-jftO.T b TfrtJ i T ixUv. NASA. Noiand Stwiia Fotuuklm.
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he felt it his duty to perform. Kindly, but firmly, he refused the
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9. Keren A, Tzivoni D, Gavish D, Levi J, Gottlieb S, Benhornin
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dorsal extremity of the right restiform body is the ventral extremity
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take the tincture on the well days as often as the stomach
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third day, perhaps, a chill occurs, the fever mounts rapidly and there
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foot (the ends extending above the condyles of the femur), is
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pect to undergo a public examination. It is objected that l such exami-
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use of cresol or lysol, both of which mix with water in any
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Pharmacists, (established in 1837,) may still be found at their
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weeks, we found a softening gumma near the right optic thalamus, and
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namely, latah and amok. He seems to regard latah as a form of
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Whisk the egg separately ; beat the butter to a cream, and
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a thin layer of stratum corneum, separated by another lacuna from the
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urethral stricture not suited to treatment by dilatation
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rusted, the former can be removed by dipping the latter
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observed. All these disadvantages of the salicylates are obviated in a derivative of
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that the conclusions drawn from the weighing of the lungs
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I need not remind you that during nearly the whole of their course,