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Wounds in two places : are they wounds of entrance and
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November 8th.— He called on Mr. Birkett part of the population of the State, pro-
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same as those in the cases previously reported from this laboratory by
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James, that half, if not more, of all the cases of strangulated hernia operated'on in Lon-
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a regular practice in the medical schools. His book
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terest shall be included in the catalogue, but shall be
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partial asphyxia during sleep from adenoid vegetation. It
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The school also has a special course of two years for medical men
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This is, of course, greatly due to the continued assistance of the members of the
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exposure to an excess of solar heat, aided in many instances by
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clear statement of what they may be. Reduced to the simplest
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erative effort ever to be undertaken in the biologic sciences.
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search; but, on the other hand, I have never seen them more
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The educational content of each issue appears as scientif-
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concretions of all sizes in the feces, which had undoubt-
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New York 11, Providence 2. Pittsburg 1. From measles New
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chanics in Surgery. Associate Scientist, Hospital for
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As the total of deaths, according to the post returns, is eleven, and the
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blains. A large number is necessary in the case of ulceration.
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The Bavarian Method op Using Plaster-of-Paris in the
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Staff-Surgeon Parry, in consequence of matter having collected,
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thirty-three, who stated that for nearly a year he had been
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thirty minutes. In case of doubt in accurately matching the colors,
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instances of this sort, and such cases, which had not previously been