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(Fig. 5). The third type of lesion appeared as an opaque porcelain-
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c&nfimmd cases treated by Assistant Surgeon Stevensoa was 47, of
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lowed by death \ who will venture to attempt fuch an
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down in front, fill the foot-tub with warm water for the feet, placing
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next day after the accident had occurred, at four o'clock in the
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All of these eruptions are followed by a certain amount of desquamation,
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signs pointing to fissure of the anus. 4. Hard, continuous
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between 130 and 140 in the minute. The tongue was dry, and the
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tion in the case of the Indian Cholera — and a very
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in such cases. Dr. B. asked whether in cancer of the tongue any
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cle. A hundred days fever, and fevers of all colors,
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long, which is felt within the orbit as far as the finger
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gastric ulcers involve the lesser curvature above the pylorus and
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Substances are also introduced into the circulation by simply rub-
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ence is exerted on the brain especially, little, if at all, on the spinal cord. But the pri-
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London Lancet, Vol. 11., 1857, page 461, by J. Z. Laurence,
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by the aid of soft decalcified bone-plates, April 10, 1889. The tumor
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same time affect the epididymis. Yery often the lesion is seated only in the
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stayed, and the average duration of human life considerably
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ordinary gastro-intestinal disturbances of infancy, the
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and organs, and is constantly poured into the current of venous blood,
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this opening cheesy matter could be squeezed, or from the larger and
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policemen or scavengers of the body, should germs gain
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in the most delicate organs employed in nutrition, respiration, circula-