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than males, but sex appears to exert no influence on the frequency of the

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into albuminose or peptone, the latter to be emulsified. The

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eligible, even under his own indications, for admission to a

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mental weakness. The fits can usually be controlled if the patient is

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1839. Dr. Henry Bronson, on the Mental qualifications necessary to

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find that the distressing symptoms of the climacteric make

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wherever she goes is food, food, tempting food. • To depress

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and consequently not capable, legally, of giving evidence on the

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{From the George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research of the Uni-

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cial ward for measles for the South Department, and

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left blade of the forceps to the head with the handle pointing toward

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the final injection. The high initial agglutinin titers of Guinea Pigs

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its improper preparation, the failure of the men to

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positive history of cancer in the family. There were

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and an increasing quantity of the stimulus becomes necessary, or it must

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attention of individuals affected with particular dis-

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468. Brown Bread (Steamed) — Ingredients— l cupful of sour

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But, even while the slight psychic trouble may not increase, the ano-

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1 Archiv. f. Experiment Patholog. and Pharm., 1885, xx, 210.

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relief, and death was imminent, though we were firm in the

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had passed, its probable course and destination. He was particularly