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In the year 1847, I- L., of Jersey City, consulted me

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nal Circumflex, to the Muscle on the inner and upper part of

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tically no normal glandular tissue remained. The cut surface was

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Dr. Arch Dixon, Henderson : I did not hear these papers on appen-

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of examination were present, excepl Hiram Holt, M. h.

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times and physical weariness and even loathing of the

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scription of the layers of perirenal fascia as given by Zuckerkandel,

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re>st, idleness, and cooling medicines. It may be known by

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health district whose duty it will be to organize local community health

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al)ove his contemporaries. He described s])inal meningitis,

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20 F. A two-way plug was used, great care being exer-

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^Ogonnm mierothecum, Nutt. Journ. Acad. Phila. (II) 1 : 162 (1848).

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permint ; 24 drops Laudanum ; a table-spoonful every

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Air dry: Subs., 0.7651: loss, 0.0266 in vacuo at room temp, over H2SO4.

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that the child had had a fall on the pavement while roller-skating on

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Dr. Reeves, in discussing the paper, formulated typhoid fever as

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difperfe, nor heal up, till the rotten tooth be ex-

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the neutrophils of the blood as possible indicators of the resistance

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seeking to lie down ; but if he does, he soon rises again. Respi-

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ning, ateaspoonful should be given twice or thrice daily, and gradually

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women in whom by history and careful examination evidences of gon-

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rising above the seas of ignorance and prejudice, she will shine

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soldier, who often lies on the field of battle, wounded, destitute of food,

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length, at the 4 time of my visit, about noon, it had, as described.

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nasal discharge for about ten days, which then ceased.

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mencing oedema of right leg, for which roller bandage was api)lied. No

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water discharges from the stomach and bowels. These discharges are