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for the gratuitous supply of calf lymph is on too small a scale to meet
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then the })romise of spinal surgery is on the whole
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Write the Faculty, Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., if you desire free advice.
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Laramie Hills, May 12, 1894 (No. 17). Rocky Mountain Yelhv
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of the ventricles produced by the sudden inrush of blood into the coro-
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heights — a difference of elevation of 13,000 feet
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most of the diseases, and particularly those of a severe type, are almost
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to detect with ease and rapidity the smallest departures in the eyes
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ately. When close enough to the median line, it may, after
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of a drug is that quantity which will produce the desired effect, still the
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but is modified or intensified from various causes, like climate
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9. Robert Hubbard, Middletown, mi " Bright's Disease."
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cow and horse are subject. Their causes, symptoms, and treat-
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of the cases that he has described. I have regarded
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When we reduce the mass of one set of the sister leaves (by cutting
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Mrs. S. became exsanguinated, and sjnicope ensued, which lasted about
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been effected in hygiene and preventive medicine, in
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to be done after a free incision which is necessary first.
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then the air is made drier by excessive ventilation. This removes not
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enucleation of the tumor at its pedicle in the cases recorded by
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ered by unaltered mucous membrane, and one section pre-
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also had an odour resembling decaying vegetable refuse.
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is enjoyed, from which the patient awakes nearly well. Supposing
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