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concretions of all sizes in the feces, which had undoubt-

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Goldschneider, Dauber, Eedlich, Siemerling, and Trevelyan may be

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vidual and public capacity use every influence upon members of Congress

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laboratory work on the chemistry of plant growth and the

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the poultices, to keep them in position, and place jugs and bottles filled

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the curious operation of Catalytic medicines in controlling

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and-buggy days and gave special attention to obstetrics. He loved fine horses and

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while ergot acts on the muscles of the uterus. Thus

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earlier symptoms of this affection, not unfrequently ask advice

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operation, even in old standing and inveterate warts:

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Bell. 3.x. Gels. 3x., 10 drops of each in half glass

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such as conjunctivitis, panus, keratitis and like diseases where

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large revolving fan, — a system which has since been almost universally

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During the past year two of the four original guarantors for a five

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(Eds): Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 13th Ed.

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hemorrhage should be controlled by erigeron or geranium,

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similarity in its structure to the cellulose in the Ascidians. (See Wurzb.

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women, and that pain of this kind receives less atten-

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of suffering and death at the best period of life — fifteen to sixty-

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with but little anemia, hemolysis began in 0.44 per cent., and was com-

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developed induration, inguinal adenopathy, and were

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before the operation she is given a hypodermic of morphia, gr. %,

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hind foot; second, the right hind and right fore feet; third, both

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closely allied to those which occur during the digestion of proteids.

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different methods ; the one easier, but rather less accurate, perhaps

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In one of his cases the interval was fourteen months. It is

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makes physicians aware of the financial ramifications of their

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relapse occurs in a case in which the organism has not been

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a space in the exudate by red blood cells, or by the independent

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