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objects. The danger of infection by contact is a lesson which has been
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operation ; in causing another assistant to hold the two hind legs,
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declares that he had feen this : by accident a finger
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ments, and general behavior. It seems that the above mentioned
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than useless, because more or less of it will be absorbed
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to go to some specialist. This he did. Two months later he
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treatment I shall devote the larger part of my paper.
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ingly. As there is always constipation during the attack, it
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question which he put to himself was, What antisep-
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— The death of Dr. Hilton Fagge at the early age of 45 is a
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called in, and the look which we exchanged, when examining this
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of the left tube, the right ovary, and the uterus. The
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cause acetonuria. The chapter on dentition is well worthy of study ;
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splint and bandage. The patient had very little constitutional disturbance, but
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is too groveling — too mean. It beclouds and finally drenches out
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thus the number of births was reduced, a greater number of infants
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Dr. Alice MacLean Ross calls attention to a certain relation
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limes a week, from whom the epidermis of the legs and arms scaled
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the continuous " right-augle," two experiments, five
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Dr. 15. E. COTTIHG, on being called upon, said that
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adhesive strapping as necessary. Their progress is closely watched. On
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gaged to do the operation, and for a time all went on well.
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well that he did not think it necessary to call again.
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his experiments with these new reagents, and to work out some thoroughly
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It will be noticed that the cause whicli Lister assigns for unhealthy
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the University to enlarge greatly the laboratory facilities of the medical
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normal amounts for blood uric acid, give much worse concentration
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particular idiosyncrasies unnecessarily large doses must therefore be