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This suggestion depends on the fact, demonstrated by Sherrington, that

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ftructure of the epidermis. Hence it is evident that

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into dermatological literature by Besnier, and was made familiar in this

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to be verified. It was presumed that in these instances the bullets

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CASWELL, MACK & CO., Fifth Ave. Hotel, N. Y> and Newport S. L

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not to dilate in his book on the trials and disappointments he endured,

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pation of the tumor and of the involved portion of the os

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more arduous than that which he formerly did. He is

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blue flag 1 pound. Make a strong tea or decoction, and

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of the mucous membrane. This condition of parts is somewhat

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ing on him, he necessarily sank und«< the accumulated weight of dis-

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wiferj in University College, and Consulting Ob>

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being appointed to the staff later in 1939. A consultant

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aconite and hyosciamus, which are prepared from undried

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by experiment. In dried sputum the bacilli retain their vitality

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If the books are to be sent by mail, 5 per cent additional must be remitted.

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eal tube is inserted into the bladder, and a rubber drainage

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and extensive practice in the field for years, in the treat-

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acid lotion may be used — sulphate of zinc, one ounce; water, one

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Ere long, however, it was discovered that it altogether

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but double this amount is more apt to do so. Cooked liver may be

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The name poliomyelitis anterior chronica expresses a chronic inflam-

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in England during the first year of war the mortaUty was 57*7

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which she 'nursed for tliirteen months, and weaned him only

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the patient was a young man. who had never been vaccinated.

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cells in the human body preserves the whole body from

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forative types can materially raise this percentage.

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sand and one stupid theories of crude minds, brass faces and wooden heads, are knocked into

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where it is so well known that a description of the plant is unnecessary.

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of dermatitis herpetiformis. In dermatitis herpetifomis the lesions were

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