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bles albumen, especially coagulated albumen, yet it has also
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weeks, this bv means of constant travelling and allowing no time
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quite as much to patients as to doctors. We may be wrong, however, and we sincerely
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may also, to a certain extent, be due to the inflammation having the
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cles it is very difficult as a rule to examine effectively
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his studies, the Club is of opinion that he should be brought into direct
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blood of the syphilitic infant with the lymph of the vaccine vesicle, and that
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membrane, for enough of it may remain to both inoculate
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by each, or according to the quantity of actual butter fat furnished, as determined
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stridulous paroxysmal cough ; emaciation; constriction of throat.
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tioners, there being assigned to each a certain number of patients, or a
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The disease is neither contagious nor is it of a transportable
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Wall-Paper. Poisonous arsenical wall-papers, Chadwick, J. P.,
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upon the tame patient from whom the previous record was made. The pulse rate has been reduced to
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be carefully inspected for bleeding points and should be sponged with
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colored medicinal substances, which would be observed by the little patients
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Barnett, Crawford F.; Junior Assistant Resident in Medicine
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isappear without leaving any trace whenever the introduction of eau-de-vie is
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either with a flaccid or a tympanitic state of the intestines, the
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suggested that the primary tubercle itself might come in the
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to other complaints, and morbid conditions of the body, there
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The place of admittance of cool air should be above the heads
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for by haemorrhage into or around a tumour. However induced, a general
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at will, in order to protect themselves from too strong
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womb adjacent to the cervix, ten of the remainder of
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frequency of pulmonary hydatids is, on the same vascular transporta-
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the sinus valsalvae the vessels are dilated. A centripetal vortex must be
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in the urine and on a full diet. From this it would appear possible
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paraplegia, and had an anatomical explanation of its pecu-
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may not only take place in those labors where the pains
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Pasteur's Institute, being a room within an ordinary room,