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became irregular ; by the afternoon it developed into the Cheyne-Stokes type,

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had pain in the right ear. For the previous six weeks he had had periodic severe

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somewhat diffuse collections of polymorphonuclears. Many bacteria were pres-

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appear degenerated from the cervical region downward, and especially are the

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February 12 diarsenol, 0.3 gm. was given intravenously. The same amount was

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the Hovas, suffer from it; the subject negroes are not known to be

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be an unhealthy wound it should be rendered clean and healthy, and

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These are enlargement of the thyroid gland, increased frequency of

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field, upon the nervous system and indirectly upon the circulation.

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In the case of a man, aged 38, observed by me, who presented the

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thyroid extract in removing the myxcedema. During 1892 several

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enous (as compared with hematogenous) in origin and will be here

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If we assume then that asthma is an anaphylactic reaction due to

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aorta. However this may be, the fact of the separation or redupli-

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of the former group. The urine was negative for albumin and casts in

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the pulse is diminished because the stenosis at the orifice of the aorta

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Etiology. — Rupture of the heart implies disease of the heart mus-

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valves are seen and they fail to close the orifice. Sometimes there

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close interrelation between rate, amplitude and tone. Under average

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mann reaction in the spinal fluid was changed from positive with 0.2 c.c. to

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rhoids, etc. Coats reported a case of fatty degeneration of the heart

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record, there remain 145 cases for consideration in respect to recur-

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14. Leven, M. : Maly's Jahresbericht, 1873, i, 115.

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as this part is concerned. • In bad cases of valve lesion the surface

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some time after the left side ceased, with the effect of distending the