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There are four modes of treatment, one of which we can choose in

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work from a household where there is a diphtheria carrier.

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were present a demonstrable dilatation of the stomach, indigestion, pain

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portant phase of education or educational principles, needs, or methods. It is

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The cells of a person predisposed to tumour growth have the

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News for May 5, 1883, and especially the Maryland MedicalJournal

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fascial strength. Hernias are common. Postoperative wound

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until a point about four inches above the ankle was

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GLEASON, J. Converse, Rockland — 1870 — 1 to 2; 7 to 8. A.

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hood, since the time of the famous controversy between O.

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Baynes, William T., 2419 5th Ave., Troy, Rensselaer Co. Original.

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region, while the conclusions from previous .investigations point

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ministered previously, if necessary, there are occa-

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opinion that it is not right to operate on a gumma ;

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observed : the bladder must be perfectly empty, and the

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the surface particularly over the chest and abodmen. There are

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severe pain over the affected sinus, and, in addition, there may be evidences

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whom tlie functional condition wan good, and in view

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erally the case, we find the change more advanced in one than

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with old complaints, whose lives could be spared for years, to make

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process by making plaster casts, which he covered with a thin layer of variously

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hand, some children show curiously little discomfort. The great enlarge-

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and lovers of humanity, and as such constantly in the very van of this work,

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small intestine, in which no difficulty was experienced in finding

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house visits being made to mothers of babies in arms, and clinics

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of Garre’s nonsuppurative sclerosing osteomyelitis.

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that there is but little difference in the gain between corn

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being added in excess. Or, use zinc and solution of

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aNays ouoneoied with deranged hepatic functions, a fact that again

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by the above shoe during the day-time, is of much service. For

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the operation, completely justifies his suggestion and my

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