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Delirium tremens seems to have been first recognised as a symptom

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4. Many diseases caused to pass through their stages more

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and required iridectomy. The third case showed a perforating wound of

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shows how careful we should be in assigning a cause to

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drove him to Mentone in the following winter." {Loc. cit.)

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tario, Canada, in 1858; went into business in Toronto in 1887,

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when caused by a cold, generally disappears with the cold in the head

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and keep in a cool cellar. If it is desired to bottle this

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soda, quinia, or chlorate of potassa) may be advantageously

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have a lot attached to it for the use of the sow. At the

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were hyperiEmic ; the kidneys healthy to the naked eye and under the micro-

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Nature than to perform laparotomy after failure to reduce by

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is badly crushed, or in which, for any reason, healing by

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thus transformed into delusions of exaltation, there is always

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resents 1-100 grain. 5 minims to 10 minims are to be used at

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intant ma\ have certain idiosyncrasies which corre-

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and honor, and of the great interests of humanity committed to your charge ;

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this instrument is the almost uniform quality of the

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Kow we know that this change in color takes place at the same

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well retracted, careful dissection was made until the base of

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Terebene is the optically inactive product of the ac-

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with both ends pointed. The female is from ten to sixteen inches in

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phenomenon as a result of the action of the gastric

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The friendly disputant enforced her reason with an umbrella to

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Every article that ever appeared has injured the surgeon

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done, with a view to saving the life of the patient.

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disease; in fact, its behaviour is more like that of an

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bafSc the resources of surgery — a result the more likely to accrue from aa inju-

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ed with a violent burUing in the stoit^ach, which was al-