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rhceal vulvovaginitis. Suspicion was then directed to the method of bathing

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chine. Now a coil can readily be made of two wires,

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e biol., 30 nov. 1906.] [Same as 1906 a] <Riforma med., Xapoli, an. 23

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ranged, they would not exhibit the folly of carrying it to a

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Science is to a full and intimate recognition of our ignorance.

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charge passed through the frog, and was the exciting

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The general arrangement of this work is similar to Krichsen's,

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The Smithsonian Inrstitution reserves the right to publish the treatise

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the reflex properties of the spinal cord are exalted,

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cap. V. p. 126. Young on Idolatrous Corruptions, vol. i. p. 1 13.

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by a row of booklets. At the second operation five pints of fluid also contain-

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died of edema of the lungs, so that only in 12 can the

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men above named, as follows; — "Voted, that this meeting will

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every few hours with some mild antiseptic solution, such as boracic acid,

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of the jejunum passing up anteriorly to a very short, scanty omentum

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on gelatine and on agar has a grayish or whitish color, often with a bluish

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^ other ingredients, is rich in fibrin, and this fibrin exhibits in a perfect

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because of its severity and toxicity, phosgene, chloropicrin and a mixed

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trustees to elect his succes.sor in the same way and

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{CeniraJhl.f. Chir., Leipzig, 1907, August 3, Supplement) has remarked

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extensive pleuritic adhesions. It is now and then produced by

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clear mentally and yet when the attack is over have no recollection of events

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(The University Press, Manchester), the results of a series of experiments

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In March, 1916, the periodic form of trench fever began to occur

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hernial contents, one two years ago and the other, for

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tric juice,and: (2), To impart to this gastric juice

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incessant vivisector as well as a dissector of dead ani-

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change, remarks our contemporary, are actually forced

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bile and pancreatic juice lowered the acidity because of this

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are of a fmooth figure, very little, and pointed at.

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