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tion for the last eleven years. The deceased lady began her
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published in the Sock of January Gtli, 1893, and is thus sum-
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longed aniesthesia, exerting a direct weakening effect upon
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Mr. W. Bridges, Briglitou ; Mr. J. W. Bond, London ; Messrs. P. Blakis-
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the Nose." The latter contains descriptions and illus-
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custody for safe keeping, in default of bail in £.iuo, with one surety in
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was noticed ea;Tly this year to 'be a little strainge-ili his man-
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not in fact vary, except by adding certain unessential words
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culation of the fed animal. The slight fall of pressure in the
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escaped lunatic at midnight, having brou£,'lit him a considerable distance
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culous virus applies itself to a part, and the result is the
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A DEPUTATION" representing the Leeds Sanitary Aid Society
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refutation of them to offer and no fallacy regarding them to prove I
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Treves's Surgicat Applied Xriafomy, might be studied. But "L.R. C.B.Ed."
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Surgeon Lieutenant J. Adam. M D., 1st (Ross Highland) Volunteer Bat-
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the statistics of Paris and Berlin, which are of a much less
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cent., which is that ordinarily used. Thus the ;alt reauired for such a
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the loss of blood, when amounting to 8 or 10 ounces, or even
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other by a colourless part called the neutral point. The
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nish evidence either for or against the alleged blood-forming function ot
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nothing was known, and which seemed whol'.y uninfiuenced
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ease. That the pupil does not contract wlien the light is thus
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borough. F'rom all quarters we learn that the cases amount
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Lowenberg's forceps, or a sharp spoon. As regards the after-
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oxalic acid to the litre. The alcoholic extract is drawn oft" and almost
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lunatic asylums of that State. The Committee are believed
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Felix Semon, Scanes Spicer, AV. E. H. Stewart, Charters
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Messrs. Ballance and Shattock " — must also be borne in
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vision for the accommodation of persons suflering from infectious dis-
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of various operations where death ensued, making no mention
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yet another legal plea. We expressed the hope, at that time,
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did the temperature reach IOC F. ; in two instances it did not
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secondary results either pleurisy or pleuropneumonia, while
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satisfied that in such a matter he will be incapable of doing
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of the Royal College of Surgeons. His election to this posi-
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hydroxyurea and other disease-modifying therapies in sickle cell disease
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already described. Dr. Luys considers that the statement
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prompt measures tohavethepatient removed to Drumshoreland Hospital,
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Malcolm Morris, the newly-elected President, thereupon
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