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possible alteration in the condition of the blood, we must attribute

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memorate the name of our late lamented dean, Dr. Geo. W.

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treatment, each case received a primary dose of .0005 ; but in

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by Stewart that T may be taken as the same as that of the mouth, or 0.5

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without bronzing of the skin, and bronzing without lesion of the

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tural heat is better conserved in them than in cold countries,

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medical returns, making, excluding 6 deaths from epidemic cbolem, 4

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such an extent as to increase, in any very considerable degree, the

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Whatever is placed in the horse's mouth should not be

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for aneurism as has be'en represented. The danger does not depend perhaps

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stetrical pelvis justifies us in expecting a more than passing notice of this

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The liver is normal in volume ; and is rather large than small in

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naturally at the costal and transverse processes, at the

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cpuld do without them, horseshoes would, undoubtedly, be best

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me in the face? Does "Croton" and "Mustard" nip and

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Markisz, John Anthony. Associate Professor of Radiology.

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while false modesty is better than no modesty at all.

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" It was endeavored to impress upon the cow-keepers that they

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Gauden's horror over the King's death was very general

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ination, you having no knowledge whence they came. The sputum

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rapid destruction of tissue and of general constitutional disturbances,

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Take of lobelia, violets, camomile cleavers, smart-

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ties of the vitreous. This, gentlemen, I think is //le