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alcohol, etc., or even to shave it off. All these plans are of very doubtful

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and like the subhepatic, splenic, and intestinal blood, it passes on to

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tance from his residence, for medical and surgical treatment for

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ing their luck, and yet how few profit by such unto-

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organs, and to replenish with blood the depleted vessels.

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impossible to over-emphasize the importance of gentleness during dressings,

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with serum is shown by the fact that among 105 treated cases, the

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think it would be better than one large one. We could

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may have died during the year preceding the 1st of April in each year, in their

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1000; in 1885, 17 ; and in the first quarter of 1886 there

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process of the ulna points outwards. The pectoralis major is relatively

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Kolliker in vol. Ixxx. Vircho w and he investigated the physiological

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day- so many thousand of a manufacture, at such a rate, to be

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red and cicatricial, as if the patient had just recovered from

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where epidemic centres were established which later gave rise to the plague.

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The above when made and arranged upon a small scale, and its

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our trans-Atlantic cousins — who so readily display the

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During August, Dr. Daniel L. Donovan, of the Albert

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there are some few short bones, namely, the phalanges and jaw,

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Any aggravation of the symptoms after reaction is once under way

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also, carefully prepared nutriment is necessary, and sti-

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and probably histological examination of these cells (if that were

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According to the figures given by Cecil and Vaughan for the pneu-

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mate batteries, and their corrosive exciting fluid, which quickly

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water to a very small allowance, only enough to moisten the