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ulating branches of the axillary artery; but that trifling leak-

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this? Why is it we have this perfectly insane, unreason-

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slight hemoptysis just sufficient to tinge or streak the sputa. Little

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was excessively fetid and life to the patient was a misery.

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Occupations. — Coal-miners, 15; football accidents, 2. (The chief industries

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pleurisy, which resulted in an etfusion of pus into the pleural sack. Several times pus was drawn

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encountered. It is an important point, and one that I wish the surgeons

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surance coverage. Only one has received the formal endorsement, support, and

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dioactive seeds (brachy therapy) or stereotactic radiosurgery

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of old dislocations of the shoulder. Of these cases seventeen are recorded in

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(^Cliniijue Chirin-gicdle, tome ii., 8vo. Paris, 18(i4).

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(calculating from 775 cases) 22 1-2 per cent. For several years past,

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disarmed, and can only attempt to sustain the general condition of

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ing all night with one awakening of a few moments only, a thing I had not done in

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which they are surrounded; hence, they are liable to give way at numerous

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fondness for the horse, resolved to encourage this tiiste ; in order to

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to one side of the, face, afterwards became general, and

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a yeterinary school were taken into consideration by the king, or

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fashion gradually passing away — a change which few can

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of the fore part of the feet during walking. \Hien the patient is

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(c) Immersion in Water. Fraenkel has seen about one dozen cases

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.indeed. Those who are a little above the unfortunate can-

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(^Beilage zum Centralblatt filr Chirurgie, 1888, No. 24.) He

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cult, and its too close proximity to the new marine barracks No. 5,

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17. Wittich, F. W. : The physiology of allergy — its clinical

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It will be noticed that the disease did not exist in the first