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[Mr. A. Sarrcaii^. — A herd of cattle is coming down the moun-

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pathology, viz., fetal, embryonic, and germinal hygiene. By ante-

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coffee, though but a moderate quantity of wine, was used. The

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the perivascular tissues could be detected even before the reaction at the site of

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case a bullet passed through the forearm, arm, and side, making

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in which the necessity for the expenditure of accommo-

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the continent, &c, &c. The book gives a succinct account of

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By EvoRT Kennedy, M.D., late Master of the Dublin Lying-in Hospital.

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with the 4th Eeg. U. S. Cav. , in which capacity, he served

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publication of them ; and in the present edition twenty-three :ire selected,

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the profession both in scientific investigations, in defending its honor

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bales the ammonia, and turns yellow." It is the lightest

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whenever there is a pressing or immediate need of them. On the contrary, to

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woorara has no effect on muscle, it must be the nerve filaments

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In '61082 Unzer, J. A. Principles of physiology. Trans, from

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To ten does he injected in the veins of the ear i c. c. of an

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9. MoTT and Sohafek. Brain, 1890. — 10. Muratoff. Ncurolog. Centralbl. Bd. xi.

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One very remarkable symptom attending the presence of calcu-

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habits, there are many who. by their actions, one would be led to suppose

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fullness after meals, associated with gaseous eruc-

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ration. This may be developed rapidly or slowly, but it is

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drawn on a US bank. (Subscription agencies may accept other forms

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this class of cases is that by suggestion. Just how

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positive value of these three remedies, and of the latter

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ment or medicine, or to prescrilie a secret nostrum,

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doses than are required to raise the blood-pressure. Ergot there-

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and the decrease in atmospl'Cric pressme and temperature were very

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paratively simple. Four of the early cases were reported by Dr. Wynter

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doubt that patients recovering from this narcosis require a little more

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tine and the probe was then bent so that it could follow the direction of the

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Fio. 2. — Showing the appearances from the inside of the ca?cum ; tlie prolapsed muoous