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A few drops of nitric acid taken in sweetened Witer a few times a day,
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York Neurological Society, described a peculiar disease that is
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about places where cattle are found, and that cattle shall
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the upper part of the throat, with continued inclination to swal-
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course of study, examinations, admissions, discipline and
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as cause and effect the healing of a wound after the anoint-
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procedure since such services would be classified as med-
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more than a few drops, perhaps, at a time. Sometimes
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between each crop. On the limbs, but especially about the fingers,
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by the most dangerous serpents, called Toboba Oorlia de la Montague,
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in muscular excitability in cases of mental disease. He found a dis-
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characteristic of the case exhibited by Professor Smith. In his case
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less” indicates that there were at least two types of homeless
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latter has not been demonstrated, and it seems best to adopt diminished
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did not prevent his attention to his daily occupations, until some time
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and embryonic tissue produced under the influence of the
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moral instincts by selling their favors to men, thereby scourging the flesh
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pectancy of a white male at birth is n'ow 65.2 years and
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in the joints. This soreness in the joints all the affected members of
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the Capitol. In her halls of legislation they were supreme, and the
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Hale's paper, namely, from 1839 to ISlSl), the diet of
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of a meso-nephron are very rare, so uncommon, indeed, that
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known as the S. D. Gross Professorship of Pathological Ana-
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I crude and ravv\ Thus much for the signs and causes of bar-
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Descartes, &c., determined the properties of the dif-
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arrived at the following results: — 1. Glycerine, chemically pure, causes
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stone which crumbles easily," was broken for road metal, mixed with
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steamship City of Para, which ran to Rio Janeiro. In 1884 he
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aU diarrhoea may set in if rehef is not obtained. Sheep
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remainder of the examinations of the two sexes were
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tion of two contagious and loathsome diseases; (3) a diminution
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fuls of white sugar over, then pour over the cream, allowing one