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H., 445; laparotomy for tubercular peritonitis, 517.

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the patients died of typhoid fever. The ultimate results in

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jection of the spine could be explained by three conditions :

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lameness. The articulating surfaces of various bones, and the

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the hog; for these are the kinds of meat which cause the disorder

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have said under the head of prognosis, you will infer that several

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external border of the patella and ending about two fingers' breadth ^

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perfect substitute — a complete work of scientific wealth.

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the hope and aim alike of poets and philosophers in every age.

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her cinchona, you Saw that intense fever was set up for some hours,

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The condition of pulmonary hypertrophic osteo-arthropathy,

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day's drive on the burning plain, not even coffee made

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and they are quickly freed from the noises after a few more

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The portrait of the chancroid, as given by the text-

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ting fluid. For if the blood itself be at fault, it is but consistent with

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without an investigation into their causes. Over five

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The past year the professors of chemistry and geol-

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the method described by Freund in 1879 ^^^ ^^ removal

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rent volume of the New York Thomsonian, are reminded, that the sums

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If an Inspector of the Board certifies that any of the provisions of

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different times, thereby assuring a continuing board ; in the cre-

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standing, and the whole system has become affected,

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complete absorption of the individual in his work. In

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have short necks, as sparrows, hawks, &c. because such are

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lected. Of course there are a<^reatmany points about

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recommendations for its use: “There is no evidence that

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poultices made of animal flesh and the like, should

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about it. Physicians frequently prescribe this remedy in a paste,

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ning, ateaspoonful should be given twice or thrice daily, and gradually

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