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The ulcer extends from the middle of the left upper eyelid,
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petre,) 10 grains, acetic acid, J drachm, nitric acid
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pneumonia. In broncho-pneumonia there is furthermore an entire
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The numbers and areas are taken as far as possible from the diagrams
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carbonic acid emitted in any given time from the lungs, but the
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but they were numerous, and in all of them the heart was gravely
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The observations and experiments that have been made are contra-
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which, were it designed to be a species of torture the ultimate aim of
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Among the practising phywciiiQii^ libnv^ thuml) Wti
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changes in the vertebral column. After a full account of the distortions, the
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should be treated as a woman, not only socially, but hygienically and
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adding one part of a strong solution of sodium carbonate
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carbol — phosphoric acid arising. But all of these psuedo-salts, ethers,
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5. Period of Incubation of Inoculation in Rabies, B. L. Arms, M.D.
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particles with organic and mineral matter in solution. The
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ture rose to 103.2°, and (here were signs of consolidation
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Effect of Age of Primary Culture on Inhibition of Gas Production. (Primary
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proprietors. But anxious as we are to see the disease
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taken also by writers on these abstruse subjects, to under-
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per acre has given the best results, and in Colorado even
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doctrine in the interest of some proposed modification of it,
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experiments. Rut MM. Roux and Yersin have not only found
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placed in the open windows.* It has heretofore been an unac-
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The liquid is carried off by the blood current as fast as it is
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for certain types of cells, as the tetanus toxin for those of the central nervous
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suffering from constipation and affected likewise with spasmodic
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had been carried through into the chest. The chest was after-
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sults from such a state, joined to all the material causes of debility
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an increase of 150 numbers in the Medical Corps of the Navy,
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became proprietors of this charity under a grant by Queen Mary, and in a minute
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the dates of onset being 15th and 20th September, and 7th