Uitgegeven Hollandische Beitriige zu deu anatomischen nnd toprol pliysiologisclien Wissenseliaften The theory and practice of French problems surgery.

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Bii-Li.NGs er said that the colon bacillus infection of the genitourinary tract was a very frequent occurrence.


In the case of another patient Professor Gluck removed a tumor from the thigh, causing a defect in mg the bone. It is always aggravated by cold or hot drinks, unless in para very small quantities, and affections of the mind will produce it. All of which is respectfully lopressor submitted. He fancies that the xl world, like his own family, has failed to give him a square deal. They have sat side on thrones and in chairs; and they have, too, loomed large in the field of world-literature.

He noted that early operation was specially indicated in pelvic appendicitis, becanse in the earliest clinical stage of the disease the appendix might lie gangrenous or distended to the point of rupture, and because in the pelvis the formation of a -mall localized abscess round the appendix was the missed exception. For similar reasons there is a greater probability of success if the operation is performed soon after the injury than "tartrate" if performed at a Operations have also been made in a small number of non-traumatic cases where the disease was of the Jacksonian character.