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that causing squint or irregular respiration ; the pulse is full and rapid ;
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welfare of others, often coax children or compel their servants to
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walk quite well at the end of six months. — Dr. Edmund Hughes
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have proved that remarkable changes occur in the pulse during
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prevents its most valuable portions being washed out.
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an enormous size, sometimes triple that of its natural dimensions.
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fixing to himself the stigma of dishonesty/' — we humbly beg leave to say,
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( k^^ biMtt UkI iitte) Aeae remuks becmnae I fkitik
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dren, especially in those poorly nourished. The symptoms
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ment of tubercle are very frequently the subjects of
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must be used according the special indications of the case, the iodide to relieve
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Fig. 24 Transverse section, medulla oblongata. X 12.
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patient did not permit the use of active mobilization, and amputation
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with a cold sweat. Nose pinched. The pulse increased
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water in a stoppered wide-mouthed bottle, allowed to stand
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blood flow measurements, and internal carotid stump
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Vol. ('XL, No. 26.] BOSTON MEDICAL AM) Sl'li(;i('AL Jol liSAL.
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importance. They may be grouped under two heads : —
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This circumstance explains also the fortunateresults of the above
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ment of catheterism, of keeping the patient in a warm room,
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is likewise met with in these cases, and in poisoning with phos^
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thing occurs in the germ-centres ; they have a peculiar arrangement
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