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fluid contents of the vegetal cell, and especially to that por-

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or syphilis, are points, I think, well settled by clinical observation.

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the rectum. Immediately above the sphincter, the rectum dilates

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tinct characters of the small and large intestines.

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Craigie, in discussing the pathological anatomy of the human

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tined on different dates to complete its period of de-

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This may occur as a result of acute indigestion or may

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parts, do not of themselves contra-indicate operative procedure, since, as pointed

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portions, have also a useful action upon some gouty persons, by

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The influence of drainage, and of the preservation of groves be-

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Or does she mean the remote causes, to be found in David's patriotism

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conferred upon the class bv Professor Isaac E. Tay-

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described their mental condition. To the adolescent the geni-

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diseases, and who, by a thorough and nutritious system of medica-

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lowing typhoid fever, still the majority of recorded

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were very nearly all the vesicles not found on the two

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of a uniform "free" water concentration in the blood might be sus-

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cornea, which produce partial or complete blindness, has only been fully

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"55 o8 4 Woodward, H. Stanford's geological atlas of Great

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Recrystallized from water it forms almost colorless, glistening plates

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his legs. Lumbar puncture was then performed, and two

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^ Focus-group interviews were used to determine the degree