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valvular orifice was almost closed, yet the left ventricle could

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cele, and of ovarian cysts, in crude tubercle, in cancer, in epithelial tumours,

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of the liver and fatty liver are not infrequently associated with Bright's

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it up. If a doctor is not available and the bleeding can not be con-

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fered with his usual efficiency. Following the technique of Hagner

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ceived opinions on the subject of diet, are the following: Animal

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According to him, the horny layer is slightly, the rete considerably, thick-

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Again, in Pennsylvania, according to official returns made

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cases it had no effect. The uncomplicated cases represented all stages of

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the age of forty to fifty, all at once may ensue some of the tojric

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in all the joints. Most of these muscles tend to flex one joint and to extend

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In the use of this term, vital energy, it must be re-

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treatment to which the animals were subjected, but it is impossible to

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Of the 1'1'd cases of intratracheal chloroform lasting three-quarters

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get "cured" by any and every new thing that strikes

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gives notice of fecal accumulation ; hence, the accumulation goes on, the

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in the cerebral veins is lower than in the other vascular branches,

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and shorter narcosis; no subsequent hernias; lower mortality.

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Captain George Alexander, Med-ORC, Winyah Sanitorium, Asheville.

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ness in the study of pathology, and the advantages given

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M. Moizard's communication, continues M. Roux, is an in-

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the experiments began, and it was tlienceforward continued without inter-

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Curtis for his highly instructive, and very able and satisfactory Lect-

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a series of symptoms as typical. The manifestations occur

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Diagnosis.— -Should the abscess tend to burrow downward, the condition

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there is more anasarca on the right side of the chest, on which he generally lies, than

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referred to special articles on these drugs for therapeutical

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operations were done during the next three years. The

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rate was nearly as great as with the normal subjects, but the depth of

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and distinctly insinuated itself between the broken fragments

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little ditJicult conlinement. Tuberculosis is common,

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and, during the night, a vigorous child, weighing eight pounds, was

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the more COo present the more soluble are the calcium salts, which read-

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ical Association the rule excluding women from election

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squirted into the lowest part of the esophagus at the very commencement of the

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Principles which Dictate the Treatment of the Complex Morbid