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of strength, whereas, in persons who have been long victims to intem-

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pass beyond the catarrhal stage in which the mucous membrane is

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in one case, while a third and a fourth lasted two months. All

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of typhoid fever, from which, however, it is distinguished by the fact that it

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in the ears. In such, a plain nourishing diet without any alcoholic

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as a blanket in retaining the bodily heat. The emaciation which

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on to his neighbour's ground. The rear cant is perforated

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President's Message. — Geo. W. Long, H. W. Lewis, W. H.

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pure carbolic acid is one of the most efficient and least painful ; where it

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ary infection. (Esophagitis was found in one case of this series. In patients

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while at the University of ha%'ing lost his heart to a beautiful maiden. Afterward I learned that she had

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exhaustion or shock within thirty-six hours, instead of

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cut so as to lie over the clavicle, the scapula, and to a

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Cohnheim's great work. All that could be done here was to

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water held in the fine capillary spaces between the powdered granules

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Arellano, L.A. Saint Louis, H. Selby, S.J. Sherman, R.

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(colorimetry) the amount of hemoglobin that has diffused out of the

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With reactionary haemorrhage a much larger total loss may

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Slaining lienctions. — Supplementary to Cotmcilman's re-

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Vogel even says, " Nulla fere fit hujus morbi a recentioribus aucto-

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be allowed to fall into neglect without further trial, and perhaps

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remain virulent in water for many days. It is quite

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plication of atropine to eyes that were in the premonitory stage

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been uuder thirty years of age. Three of these women

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but so far as the study of disease was concerned, these efforts had produced