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moscopc showed a well-marked contraction of the central artery

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the merchant would look under his nose, above his chin, and between his

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has been reached. The Church has spoken, and its firm decree

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April, 1902, J. A. Fordyce, M.D., professor of dermatology,

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of beechwood-tar creosote, and contains from 60 to 90 per cent, of creo-

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fluid. This child was also easily delivered. Both were stillborn

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Most administrative responsibilities are in the hands

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tion of the Standard Dictionary, that unabridged and deservedly

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relating to dying statements may be usefully remem-

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that there have been frequent attacks of sickness and purging ;

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in his character, and could not but be acknowledged by such as knew him

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loose and extensible, lies the darfos muscle which is com-

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npon as a certain indication of a primary syphilitic sore ; and any opposition to

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but if there be any natural cause of it, it is this the com-

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home in a comfortable state of health. This man paid

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the fact that he had lost all sense of smell from the time of the accident.

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with the strychnine in mixture. We do that quite often even in non-malarial

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prove that in this case, as in many others, it is absolutely unsafe to

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the occurrence of a subsequent extra-uterine pregnancy. Braun-Fernwald

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ventilated apartment. The college students use this room

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of the sponges placed upon the skin, (b) on the pres-

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influence exerted on the mind by the imposing process of a mounte-

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