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minds of every member of the faculty, until the present ses-

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was a little puckered, and presented several lobules, with iron-grey

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Battey, as is well known, attacked the problem of such cases

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of the scalp in the right parietal region. He had bad syphilis ten

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Accommodation in tiers is not recommended where it can be

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The photograph showing the arm outstretched to its fullest extent

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proof) adaptation or differentiation of tissues, and enunciates

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sphere in ordinary right-handed persons. On this subject he takes

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1900 c. — Weitere Beobachtungen iiber die Parasiten der Leukamie <Ztschr. f.

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flagellum. As regards the size, length, and waving of the flagellum, however,

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and necrosis of the bone may occur, (e) The spleen and liver are

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