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(1) Tumor and Medulla. — The section of the medulla in-
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in that from the pericardium. The mucus in the ears showed also similar
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P. M. — Abdomen distended. On opening abdomen all intestines
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for a long time supposed that it attacked by preference the
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78. Ohlson CG, Hagstedt C: Parkinson’s disease and occupational exposure to
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tion Co. the blocks illustrating the apparatus for the
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that pityriasis versicolor is caused by the fungus called microsporon fur-
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Dr. N. G. Smith gave notice of a proposition to amend
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of what it is today is no reflection on the abilities and training of the family
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of such parents are more subject to nervous disorders and lunacy.
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evidence already cited in support of this fact, it has been demon-
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transit surveying, declination of the needle, laying out
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in the loin may be required for efiScient drainage. The cavity must
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the children born at Cos (his native island), might pass
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tion of fat on the right side of the heart. This in-
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to expand, immediately the patient is out of bed, he should lie en-
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towards controlling his malady. L^ us suppose him on the coast of
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for making original cultures from the exudate. This uncertainty is due
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home, but her collaborators have searched the literature of many
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health should be liberally supplied with funds to be used exclusively
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