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ject to many exceptions. As in t}T)hoid fever, scarlatina, diphtheria, tuber-
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Of Mr. Thompson's methods. His careful conversation
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Edwards, Amos S., 1506 N. Salina St., Syracuse, Onondaga Co. Original.
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culated middle lobe is simply excised with the scissors or
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ally pervade the human integument. This view finds its chief
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of the plague had been far more rapid : but plague had visited our shores only once or
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Dr^ Batchelor: I have treated many such cases, and have
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on the ' Mental Functions in their Relation to Time '
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perfect of the physical sciences or mechanical arts.
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all cases attended by general debility, loss of appetite and
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produced inflammation either of a general character, extending
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the age of the subject in whom they occur : their colour is solely
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struation always regular, no pain, three or four days,
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plain the amblyopia, but how would any merely spinal
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various remedies, morphia being administered whenever a single
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ing that of a pea, and accompanying interstitial proliferations of
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ates. That the treatment was thorough enough, according to the regular
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I have every reason to believe, died from the administration of mercury given
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has made this difficult decision no longer necessary. In 1978,
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abort under these circumstances. In Troja's work we find the
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which seemed to have origin in the lymphatic glands of
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Surgery at V.A. is very stimulating; there's lots of information that
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The upright position and natural expansion of the lung resulting
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sufifering from hiematuria, but the urine retains its natural color in
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et vitalium fenfuumve imminutio tanta, ut aeger per
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note, the patient was suffering fi*om a slight attack of pneu-
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