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gaged to do the operation, and for a time all went on well.
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of oil. The formula which he recommends is chloral 6 and oil
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will antagonize all its ill effects on the bowels of those unaccustomed to it.
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vention (Ireland) Act, 1908, had been adopted in only 50
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tomy for many years. In the syphilitic cases in which it has been tried not
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duced with ease. The cervix uteri was displaced well over to the
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roseate view as some of them. I am willing to give their opinions
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istence of these minute organisms, which are named by
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jurisprudence, such as those of Chevers and Lyons — free from all
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benefit [Medical Press a?id Circular.) In the first case, that
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or to the attenuation of these germs in a more or less
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with most frequently between the ages of twenty-five and
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of a mass of water is taken by the water. This fact is the foundation
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sometimes it comes on with all the precursors of fever,
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change, so prominent and common to the medical profession, will
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Holograph "Directions for the Treatment of Ague and Fever" written by
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in this manner for an hour and repeat every second or third hour for
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mentioned: Thyroiditis ending in suppuration has been reported by
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Died at Belmont, N. H., Charles Warren Hackett, M.D.,
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