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opuiient of the uterus and ovaries ; and the chief cause of this
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impulses are conveyed to the intestine (except the ileocolic sphincter),
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daily illustrating the vital importance of the " germ theory,"
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the most common form, is an infectious, inflammatory disease,
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mines, draws attention to the presence therein of carbonic oxide,
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about 11/2x21/2 Cm. The pylorus was stony-hard, and seemed completely
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proved sufficiently to permit extensive exploration
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recently prepared by Dr. Hamer, Assistant ^ledical Officer of Health to
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About the third day the whites of the eyes turn yellow and th«
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the whole period of medical studies. We can speak upon the subject from con-
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is supposed and should be considered in all of the acute abdominal lesions.
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which ' conditions ' the laminse of the feet, and which braces
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prevention of difeafe. Duncan's Therapeutics, vol. ii.
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cocci found. The child was treated with Flexner's serum. It died
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conclusion he said that he thought that Simon's paper
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externally in the perineum half way between the scrotum and
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restlessness, sleeplessness, delirium, epileptiform seizures, and coma followed
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perforated stomach to the neighbouring organs (the liver or pancreas),
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cipal hospitals and the difficulty already being experienced in securing
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base of the brain, in the gray matter of the third ventricle, the centers
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ing to the relative amounts in which these several qualities happen
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and tumor suppressor genes provide important insights into the regulation of cell growth. This knowledge can now be used
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and honor, and of the great interests of humanity committed to your charge ;
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Altogether, figures for the diastatic activity of the stools of 350
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Fraenkel (in a note appended to his report in the Transactions of the Con-
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Barre syndrome is due to involvement of the axon myelin
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vegetating fundus, the latter red, bleeding or sloughing, the former
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advanced life. It occurs, like the acute variety, as the result of