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24th. — The steward who attended noticed it took some
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Post-mortem Examination. — The body was much wasted, and presented the
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directly, for the simple reason that there is no means by which the skin
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copious, though not trivial, and were not attended by
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c I). Ilclliri, Arrh. f. expcr. Palh. u. Pharmakol., Leipzi<,s 1897, 40, p. 121.
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upon which impressions and events may be registered. How vividly
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particularly pharmacology, microbiology, cell biology, pathology and the clinical sciences.
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after the second dose of Gelsemin and nitre. Ordered the
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dition suddenly improved, she could drink more, the abdomen grew
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cannot be accounted for in any other way except through a con-
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Reichert examining the legal side of sadism on animals says :
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and stimulation of the wound will hasten the process. Use a solution of
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9. Junior and Senior Courses. — The Club recommends that, as far as
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f*e.»S. Or»diiatlonr«,|ia. yHtectlon tee, «. Llbn^ fao, «.
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ment was hired in the Chaussee d'Antin, a doctor was en-
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after a reaction and the general physical appearance seems improved.
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patient will be watched with interest and reported to this society
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A matter which, although not new, has attracted much attention in recent
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In case the photograph and history of this early removal
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ther with the loss of sleep and inanition. And the point of
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always suspicious, if ^"here be nodules that are movable in the
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Because it swims in the stomach. Now the best digestioa
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sulted that a principle of law exists forbidding the pollu-
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(b) If the patient's condition is satisfactory and the
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will be followed by good results. — Revue de Therapeit-
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most valuable and best known general work on the medical sciences
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ordinarily reach the same degree. The temperature is maintained through