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waiters Retrosjpect, I concluded to give it a trial in this case. I ordered
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sated into the mucous membrane. In the former case it is brownish
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It may as well be stated here that the antipyretic effect of the cold bath does
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article upon the treatment of yellow fever. He has derived favorable
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dangers from, 252 ; for di.sease of the spinal cord,
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coracoid dislocation. The radiograph showed a part of the greater
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result of serial contractions which effect locomotion. The question
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woman's brain a richer blood-supply stimulates those portions con-
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into a mortar; mix with rye meal, 5 oz., then add fresh
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Etiology: — These diseases cover a larger range of the
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is lack of appetite, the skin is sallow, yellowish, scarred and indurated from injections. Abscesses are common,
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4. Calculi from four cases of Lateral Lithotomy, by Dr. Fen-
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iL at once, however, the constitution becomes fully. saturated with
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tiidney, fiuer, pancccs, cr cf ti.a lijmp/;aao system,
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arthritis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic gout), for precisely, as
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a space in the exudate by red blood cells, or by the independent
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periments on hides hung up and freely exposed in warm
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of his patients had spent more or less time in the same room.
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period, that is, after the remission has set in ; they are most extensive in the
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a^riennes, et s'el^vent en I'air : c'est cette combi^
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remove the tumour. On cutting down on it and laying it bare the
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cavity with a quantity of pyroligneous acid and water, equal parts.
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Dr. Gillette responded that the diagnosis of salpingitis was
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In Gout and Lithiasis. where there seems to be an exceae
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for some other cause of the symptoms. Cancer of the
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