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intant ma\ have certain idiosyncrasies which corre-
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applied all over the lungs, front and back, to the number of twenty or thirty.
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Meyer is disposed to attribute this isolated morbid change of the ribs to the
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some hours, but she was now entirely easy, and expressed in
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Vogel even says, " Nulla fere fit hujus morbi a recentioribus aucto-
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complicated in numerous instances with burns from the flame
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associations specializing in different phases of public health. The
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linear precipitates on the posterior surface of the cornea, 211
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palate and the lower right eyelid. On the left arm two small ones are also
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lumps may be chewed at pleasure. In toothache, and pa-
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such, for example, as morphine and atropine. It is always to be
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ing the session, where every character of dental operation
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attempt to straighten the spine such as the erector spinse latissimus
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the self-same stretching. Then the epidermis itself may be torn,
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external conditions been more favorable. The patient was a
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To avoid the large doses necessarily given when the powder
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vomiting is induced the same kind of matter comes up,
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of choice, definite fixation being made at the seat of fracture. By
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the part is full, wet the finger, and by this means the wax
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troduced, the stone broken up, and the fragments removed.
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find themselves well off but if they begin the practise
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on Thursday, the 10th, she felt her legs stiff, and on examin-
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frankly informed him that he must die; and proceeded very