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Definition. — A disease of children, characterized by alterations
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but the patient was not acutely prostrated as were the other three.
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with multiple secondary abscesses. Indeed, it is evident from our general
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that the Red Cross could undertake in districts where the Provin-
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non-contacts is not to be taken to mean that infection may arise other than
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trodiictiou. lu tbc other two experiments the quantities were 10 and O.ri grms.
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mittee at the beginning of last year also proposed as a
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by fever. Twenty-four hours later an offensive discharge from the nose
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Having retained numerous sections of these tissues,
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also be acknowledged that, if congenital narrowing be present,
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the latter being protected from its influence by combination with the
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step for the Association to take, and the sooner it is taken the
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while false modesty is better than no modesty at all.
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then added, and after standing for 20 minutes in the cold the mixture
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1869.] Rejport on Forensic Medicine <md Toxicology. 887
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patients in time of war. — If the hitherto observed average
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claimed, had been furnished by his interne, Lesage,
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around joints, and pointing to an inflammatory action going on
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and granular species of pulmonary phthisis came to be regarded
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was founded by the Britons, and, amongst the various etymologies of
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being 1.53//, the extremes being 11.6// and 17.6/i.
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the usual modes in which fibrocystic disease of the long bones made itself
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pears, however, from the facts already before the public, that the general
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by the appropriate column, but such cases will generally be deficient
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relative to an article on medical legislation in your estimable Jour-
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as possible from the storm, until the weather improves,
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of the case is obtained from the keeper ; and upon this much de-
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lunch which ever happened. The spirit was kept up till the last minute and as
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your amusement to come, one of these days, to witness the
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attenuated and the muscular element not well developed. The