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Insanity occasionally follows an attack of rheumatic

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fourth time, unless, during the interval of the separation, she has been the

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then a helpless eye witness to the drowning of his brother. He became hys-

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consultation by Dr. Cheever who considered surgical

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after the whole calculation was finished because the nucleus

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ogeny. The first step is the discovery of the germ that is introduced

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the case in normal cells of the kind ; in some parts of

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observations by him were submitted recently to the Society de

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The case of Hawker^ is an example of this neuralgia. Sharp

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scalp, followed by the development of multiple small

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acid-staining granules are said to become much increased in number in

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Physical signs. — On inspection there may be a slight but general

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1886 Tkale, Thomas Pbidout, M.B., F.E.S., 38, Cookridge

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first dispensary, in the teeth of fierce opposition,

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Pathological Conditions, Quart. Jour. Med., 1912-1913, 6, 351. Stocks, P.: The

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strips and aspiration of the cyst with Potain's apparatus was done.

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is removed by filtration. The mother liquor is concentrated and

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September 23, 1879, was called to see F. G , aged twenty-

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membrane marbled by vascular arborizations filled by a whitish fluid,

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It embroiled the profession, and roasted the College.

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had tinnitus only one day during her sickness, that evidently

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not secrete an acid. And yet its effects in this caae are the