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unique in its development as a gland, it is also unique in its method

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which frequently supervene. Every one knows, that in many women

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All that can be done here, therefore, is to point out the most common

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20.8, Manchester 25.9, Newcastle-on-Tyne 22.1, Nottingham 20.3,

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in low tones, scarcely audible, " I realize it." She

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maxillary region were the only ones showing the disease. They were much enlarged,

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Fig. 9 the bodies lie in a lymph space. It shows also four small forms which

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from bacteria. Bizzozero and Eibbert have found bacteria, often within

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whoop any more afterwards. In this case the patient was kept under

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the operation, completely justifies his suggestion and my

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of the last ligature. Plugging, the tourniquet, and pressure failing, on

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afterwards two abortions at the sixth month, of pregnancy ; peritonitis on the left

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histology of the auriculo-ventricular node and bundle was that

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cient information was not at hand to assist one in making

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Again, as the food passes by metamorphosis into bioplasm,

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usual plastic operations have failed to keep up the

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and ishe died three days later, the result of toxaemia.

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destined to go on and on. The rapidity of our progress will be

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utility in those pathological conditions of the cranium

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mending a moderate degree of motion in preference to absolute

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In attempting to increase the efficacy of the ordi-

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rected to the removal of its cause, poisoned blood. Trau-

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haps one or two more. For I happen to know that some yel-

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think it would be better than one large one. We could

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Tincturce, tinctures, are solutions of non-volatile substances in al-

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mental disturbance, and he supports this view by pointing out