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are increased. Patients thus ill usually throw off an excess of urea.
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cordia, and, on palpation, the powerful apex beat was found to be
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to a medical college for medical missionaries. Such a
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other children, but is peevish and backward in men-
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men •, a ferum of the like nature was found in fome
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Nineteen cases of scarlet fever were admitted to hospital,
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to boiled pickled pork and hard boiled eggs; eggs that have been cooked
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met with over the tendo Achillis which has no sheath ; or, the tendon
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and thus two sinuses were added. Bismuth injections were used by his physician
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as are those of the medical profession. They minister to suffering
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the addition of the following: A movable bottom, A,
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20th. — The attacks have distressed her all night, recurring
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which lead to this act could not have come during their illness from
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heai'd less of the immunity of the operation. — Corr.
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and the likeness it presents to the peacefulness of death. This
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evolution of species and their origin, and insisted that a